Friday, November 11, 2011

Love Eww Eww Secara Public Tak Bagus..Mostly Akan Clash..


Dear Friend...
I'm pretty sure that you love your girlfriend very much...
Everyone knows made it public remember?
I know that you wanted to marry her someday..
Which neither you nor her know when..
And because of scared that if someday you will broke your heart..
I hate the thought that you have to bear to what the people would said knowing that its over between you guys..
Having someone you love does not necessarily means that you have to show it to the whole world..
Because trust me, the world would also LOVE to know if its over between you guys..
The future is not our to see..

p/s: I care about you..


Syue said...


kite dengan dia takde pape dah. hehe. takde jodoh dah, sedihh. mmg patah hati ohh, ~~~

Anonymous said...

i also care about u..all about u

Atiqah said...

setuju :)
senyap2 tiba2 terus bagitaw dah nak kahwin. kan best mcm tu :D


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