Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finals beybeyh!

Assalamualaikum.. Hello beautifool and hangsem guys.. I hope you all are in ur beat of health.. Kali Ratu menulis dengan alasan hanya untuk update blog akibat terlalu bisan dan boring mrmbaca buku tebal.. As you all know sekarang degree studnt srmua tengah sibuk final..termasuklah Ratu.. Im scare ya know I had never been this ignorance in last 2 semester But this time it feels like...i have no heart to learn anymore Why ah? Education is important.. But somehow i find it hard especially when you dont really like what you're learning I think i pock a wrong course Buy because im commited then i just go with the flow Everything new is a knowledge So i would better take it no matter how i dont feel like wanting it Hurmm..oke tu je kot Bosan gile post ni Im sorry to dissapoint you but to make a good quality entries took a lot of time Im preoccupied already..sorry again Toodles beautifuls and handsomes :)

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