Thursday, June 23, 2011

VIDEO: Cara Nak Dressing Yang Selesa, Fashionable dan Paling Penting, Mengikut ISLAM


Hye handsome, and gorgeous.. :) Guess what..You're so cantik dan kacak and you're so like fashionistas...!!

But you might wanna check what you wear. Does it follow the Dress Code according to Islam? Is it comfortable and following the dress code. And is it fashionable, comfortable AND following the dress code?

Well, I would love to explain it further to you guys. But yet, our brother right here had done a very good job explaining it to us. So I leave this to you brother Aiman! YOU BETTER BE CLICKING ON THE PLAY BUTTON! Coz this video right here is worth to be watch.!

Thank You Brother Aiman!
So have you make up your mind? Whether to please The People OR Allah?



Maryam :) said...

serious video best :)

Ratu Tak Cantik said...

maryam..die no4 in Malaysian Youtubers! :)

Maryam :) said...

padat, tepat, menarik & cool :D


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