Sunday, December 11, 2011

How My Night With Husband Would Be....


Ratu mulakan menulis blog yang kian bersawang ni dengan imaginasi dan angan-angan yang menggedik dan mengada.. so the imagination goes like this..

Husband and wife together putting the children to sleep

Sneak out from their room to go to their's..ehem..


Husband will have to 'defend' his right over the mother ;) yeay hubby!

Mother will have to support the hubby by saying 'child..i don't like you'
(because its supposed to be father-mother moment right now..uhuhu)

 Husband will have to take responsibility to make the child sleep.. mithali sungguh! :')


2nd attempt to sneak out..


Instead of going straight to the room..
we would just have a little walk outside under the moon

Sweet kan?
I know...I am sweet..

But then again..ini cuma angan-angan..
masa depan siapa yang tahu kan.. :)

Disclaimer: Pictures are from Korean Series "Secret garden"

Random Talk: If you can't be honest to me then stop dreaming about being with me..


Princess Fatin said...

You finished watching it finally!! :D

Ratu Tak Cantik said...

yes fatin!~ B) *proud*

Cik Mira Hassan said...

sweet lah. :)

Anonymous said...

i pn juz finished watch it..n i like this entry..:)

fiey zara malaiqa said...

lelaki yang susah nak cari..haih ._."

dne said...

mom....i'm not sleeping yet. Cam biasa ku dengar...heheheee.....

Ratu Tak Cantik said...

hehe.. :) ye kawan2..mmg scene ni sweet..kalau nak buat sweet cmni, kite kena kawen dulu oke :) jom kawen!


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