Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cakap Rawak #2


  • Ramadhan is GREAT! I hate the thought of it is only for one month :(
  • Iftar with Nana, Mary and Fatin yesterday at JJ Bukit Raja was awesome. Simply because I went out with awesome people :)
  • I should try more,and never give up rather than complaining.
  • I should make the best out of this holy month to be A LOT MORE PATIENT. 
  • I should 'sound' people making sins more often because they just don't understand indirect sentences.
  • I really should publish my unfinished not-so-short-story by this week!
  • Should succeeded finish the other 3 juzuk my father had ordered me to. It's tadarus Al-Quran for my family.
  • I should try my best to break the fast with only little food, went for maghrib, and eat some more, yet not too much food before terawih. Just to make sure I get that 100% marks for fasting.
  • Should always try my best to NOT ESCAPE terawih this year!
  • I should just go straight to children whose already reach their puberty and 'too gatal' to fall in love and 'menggedik' siang malam tak kira puasa ke tidak and cakap 'Assalamualaikum. Amboi, menggatal macam kusta ni apehal?"
  • I should first Google to find out does kusta results to 'kegatalan' *literally*
  • I should stop writing now! Bye

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