Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tahu Future Anda Daripada Sebuah VIDEO


Oh my Allah... benda best oke! Best sangat!! Korang kena cuba!! Sumpah tak tipu..TAK TIPU! Korang tak nampak ke nada tulisan ni sangat excited! Korang.. KENA... CUBA!!

Sebab apa? Sebab Ratu dah tahu dah future Ratu macam mana.  Sekarang Ratu semakin semangat! Semangat nak hidup jadi orang yang berjaya. Berjaya dunia akhirat InsyaAllah. Yep. I want MY STORY to be like this!
I was on the news..!

People cheering for me!

 I was known in the whole wide world

I was featured on TV!

 Again, people cheered for me, hoping for me, appreciating me.

I was on the frontpage of Today's newspaper!

I tell you, this is not some kind of edited pictures. Its a video. Yep..A VIDEO! I wish I could tell you how mine was, but I kind of having problems posting it here. So, why don't you figure out your own future yourself! Tell, me will you get this kind of future like me? there to see how your future will be? And remember, upload your real image to experience maximum enjoyment and turn up the volume!

Will you make a good story of yourself starting today? Will you work hard to achieve what you want? Will you succeed in life and afterlife? Make your own story NOW HERE!

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Azzah Afandi said...

ratuuu, cooooool!
nak try jugak :)

Syafiq said...

without head ?

Syafiq said...

without head ? haha

Ratu Tak Cantik said...

azzah: silakan..silakan.. :)

syafiq..yep2..without head~ :p


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