Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Came From A Very Creative Family.. (Handmade stuffs)


Setiap kali balik rumah je rumah bersepah...bersepah dengan bermacam-macam jenis kain, felt lah, cotton lah,flannel lah...benang, pin, getah dan macam-macam!

Kenapa? Sebab adik beradik saya semuanye buat bisnes buat barang-barang homemade..

Daripada bantal..

Sock dolls (Made from socks)

very cute isnt it!

Pins and Broochs


Phone pouch

This is my favorite..because its inspired by Hello Kitty :)

All of the above are made by eldest sister...Most of the items are sold out to friends, families,cousins, friends of a friends and people..few has arrived to Indonesia :)
My brother sometime help with selling them of in blogshops, booths and bazaar..

Now, my sister is opening a blogshop..
Its very new..yet my sister is sewing 24/7 keeping up with the stocks..
Please pay a visit to her newly made blog 

Wait till you see what my younger sister are capable of..

Bunnies...Made by my 16 years old sister :)
Yes...there are handmade..
 There are some other creatives items she made..I just didnt get the chance to take pictures of them..

Also sock dolls..made by my 12 years old sister :)
She also made keychains, Decoden and other stuffs..she earn a lot of money selling it to her friends in school..huhu..

Naahhh...I didnt sew for business..I find it hard to keep up sewing and studying at the same time...
But...I can sew..of course..
Im the founder to this whole handmade stuffs their making..ehem..
These are some examples of my work..

So thats's all...interested in buying them..?
Feel free to order them at MadeWithLove

So that's all folks!

All pictures belong to my family..Please do not plagirised.

Random Talk: Sungguh tak konsisten..tadi cakap BM mula-mula..pastu alih-alih jadi English..Sekarang BM balik!


fiey zara malaiqa said...

nak satu bulih:)

Ratu Tak Cantik said...

nak satu bulih...tapi kena beli.. ;)


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