Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick update dan Thank you PENGIKUT PENGKIUT!


Yeay! akhirnya! Blogspot mendengar rintihan ku semalam..
3 post telah dikembalikan..
Terima Kasih blogspot..

kenapa masih lagi tak dapat sign out blogger kat mozilla? tak best laa.. tak cantik la blog ni bila tengok dekat GC..tulisan jadi times new roman..
Tapi tak pelah, I can still live with it. :)

Hope Your Blogspot is running fine as well owrait? :)

Im still working on my new posts..need sometime sorting it out..

And Yeah, I would like to say MUCHO GRACIAS to my followers for following was nice of you guys to keep on tailing this blog which is lacking of almost everything :) thank you! thank you! and thank you...

I wanted to say it personally on everyone's shoutbox, but since im lacking of time to do so, im thinking of just saying it in 1 post..hope you don't mind.. and dont worry, I will be looking through your blog and I might as well feature it in mine soon..!! yeay you!! :)
but it will take some time..just wait for it..patience :)

That's all from ratu.. and if you're wondering, I purposely spelled PENGKIUT on the was not an error..hehe

bye! :)

1 comment:

Amy Hypo said...

ahha dah abis baca baru perasan pengkiut tu :)


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